smart floor mop that you must check out

Food spills, cat litter, dirty doggy footprints, your house can be a real mess sometimes, calling for a clean-up. “Ugh..Why do I gotta do this?” is a question that you ask yourself as soon as you see the state of the house. You might look at your dog or your kid and wish you were one of them instead of the grown-up of the household. As much as you hate cleaning, it is imperative to do it, especially during this health crisis due to Covid-19.
So what if we say, there’s something to make things easier and lazier for you? Well, not that we are stressing on being lazy but if you can finish cleaning without much effort, then why not, right? This is where vacuum cleaners come in. Vacuum cleaners like every other technology make things easier when it comes to cleaning up your floor mop that you must check outThe best vacuum cleaners can finish your cleaning job for you in a jiffy while keeping your floor and your back happy. There are several types of vacuum cleaners to take the pressure of cleaning the floors of your house from your hands. Below we have listed some.

1. Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaners
To those who hate cable clutter, welcome to the world of cordless vacuums. Cordless vacuums are getting very popular these days. These vacuums are lightweight and let you recharge them just like your mobile phone. You can easily wipe clean the seats of your car, sofa, your poodle’s bed, etc. One of the best cordless vacuum cleaners is the Acekool VU1.

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The Acekool VU1 is one of the best vacuum cleaners that will help you vacuum, wash and mop at the same time. It packs a lithium-ion battery that can be removed and recharged. Imagine all those wet spills in your home. Muddy footprints of kids and pets or somebody knocked over the gravy boat, accidents are many. Usually to clean this mess up you have to carry the mop and a clean bucket of water and start dragging the stick around. The Acekool VU1 will do this task with a snap of your fingers. This vacuum cleaner has a clean water tank that automatically mops the floor with clean water and collects the dirty water in a chamber which later has to be emptied. You can forget your mopping stick and the bucket floor mop that you must check out


  • The vacuum cleaner has an ECO mode and a max mode.
  • It flashes indicators if the clean water tank has to be filled and when the dirty water tank has to be emptied.
  • There is a self-cleaning button for the vacuum cleaner which activates the self-cleaning mode.

We came across none.


2. Floor Cleaning Robot
Imagine a life where you don’t have to lift a finger to clean your apartment. Super cool right? Well, we do have the technology for that too. If you are ready to shell out some big bucks, you can live the luxury of not having to clean your floors at all. A floor cleaning robot is the ultimate answer to the misery of floor cleaning for all homeowners.

Robotic vacuums are like a toy car running around your house. But, instead of your toddler controlling it with a remote, these machines have sensors. These sensors detect obstacles on the floor and can steer clear of objects on the floor even if that is your leg or your cat. The sensors also help measure how far the vacuum cleaner has traveled, and discover new areas to cover. The best robot vacuums are powerful enough to thoroughly clean hardwood and carpeted floors, and convenient enough to work on their own without getting stuck.

If you love the idea of handing over your floor cleaning to an automated robot, then consider iRobot Roomba 694.
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iRobot is one of the most popular robot vacuum cleaners in the market. The Roomba 694 makes your cleaning task fully automated. The model is known for its high-performing features and affordable price point. Imagine you accidentally knocked over a dinner dish with leftover gravy in it. In the olden days, you will have to bend down and clean it up. But if you have Roomba 694, the robot will hunt down the food spill like a predator and leave no evidence of the crime!smart floor mop that you must check outRoomba is equipped with Dirt Detect technology that allows it to find the dirtier areas in your home and then cleans them more thoroughly. It has a three-stage cleaning system to loosen, lift and suck up dirt and dust from hard floors and carpet. It has an edge-sweeping brush to easily pick up dirt from nooks and crannies.


  • The Roomba 694 is Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled. Connect it to your phone/tablet and shout out a command to schedule and monitor the cleaning sessions from your smartphone.
  • Please don’t consider Roomba to be a baby that will fall down the stairs if you don’t supervise. It has a Cliff Detect that recognizes the area in front of it.

You will have to babysit it occasionally as it can be an aimless wanderer sometimes.

If you can’t afford a housekeeper to do your floor cleaning, consider buying the best vacuum cleaner. This is a one-time investment and can effortlessly clean your wet spills and dry dust. You can forget about using a broom and a mop to clean up every mess. Throw those long sticks away and get your cleaning automated. In this world of new technology, a robotic vacuum can be quite exciting. Not to mention, the excitement of your furry friend when he/she sees a tiny object wandering about the floor. Admit it; it can be some insane fun!

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