Seek for excellent brand suppliers

We sincerely invite the majority of suppliers to be GaoMon's merchants and provide consumers with the best products. We will do our best to provide high-quality services and build a bridge between you and customers.

Why choose to join us?

high-speed information transmission
Any new products are launched and registered members can be notified in a timely and effective manner

super platform
Thousands of excellent international buyers buy your products

information feedback
Members/users put forward the advantages and disadvantages, suggestions, and requirements of the online products, which are important information on the market trend of new product development and testing.

Incremental sales - sales will increase over time due to GaoMon from many different fixed orders

save costs
You don't need to spend time on B2B websites, as long as you enter GaoMon, provide us with product and brand authorization, we will operate and generate sales for you

Excellent service
We will provide you with satisfactory services. Our foreign promotion team will understand the product characteristics before the launch of the new product, highlight the advantages and selling points of the product, and reshape the product shape and packaging. During the process, we will learn about the product characteristics and share with you. Experience to help you improve your product description. Therefore, we also have a strong customer service team to help you deal with inquiries/questions from all over the world

Payment advantage
GaoMon provides secure and stable payment and supports multiple payment methods

standard charge
GaoMon will charge a 10% sales of products sold as a service fee, with no other fees. If you need other more promotion services, please contact our customer service

GaoMon is a large-scale cross-border e-commerce service platform website. We serve high-quality suppliers and foreign consumers. Our customer base mainly focuses on Europe and the United States, Oceania, the Middle East, etc. Combined with the advantages of global express and fast delivery, we help suppliers in Get products to users in less time. For suppliers with the above advantages, we are very confident that we can help you promote your products to users around the world in a very short period of time. Welcome to recommend your high-quality products to our company. After passing the test, we can arrange the online platform. , let us give full play to our strengths and promote our products all over the world.


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