Coffee Table Ideas for Your Home

Best Tips for Getting the Perfect Coffee Table

Coffee tables are frequently the most centering furniture of your room. Before you head out to the furniture store and purchase a new coffee table to put in front of your sofa, there are a lot of things you’ll want to keep in mind.

You’ll want to opt for a table that will suit both your unique style and your household’s needs. You’ll also want to choose a high-quality table you can pass down to future generations. It all depends on the style you’re seeking — let’s make sure you get the right one!

9 Tips for Getting the Perfect Coffee Table

1. Get to Know the Right Table Size
First and foremost, you have to determine what size farmhouse table will work best for your room. As a design rule of thumb, a coffee table should be two-thirds the length of a couch.

2. Take a Good Look at Materials
Since you’ll want a quality piece of furniture, double-check that you’re getting a barn wood tabletop or one made from carefully crafted hardwood slats.

3. The Perfect Shape for Your Space
If you’re working with a smaller room and a standard sofa, choosing a rectangular-shaped table makes sense. It will allow you plenty of lengths while not crowding your knee room. For those of you who have bigger rooms or sectionals, a round coffee table or a square table might make more sense.

4. Drawers Can Create Extra Storage
It’s a struggle to keep your living room space tidy. Thankfully, many farmhouse versions of tables include drawers. They’re completely optional, but they’re a clever and hidden way to keep things looking clutter-free.

5. Metal Accents Can Add a Little Flair
A quick look through any design magazine, and you’ll see that mixing metal accents with rustic-looking wood can be quite charming. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of many design styles. Combining brass accents or large metal bolts can add an extra layer of aesthetic appeal.

6. Head Out to the Flea Market
Go to any antique store or flea market, and you’ll most likely stumble on a rustic farmhouse piece just waiting for a new home. While you’re there, keep your eye out for vintage wooden benches. With a few simple adjustments, they make excellent living room furniture that will perfectly match.

7. Don’t Shy Away From Paint
To keep the rustic look on your table, you should allow all the blemishes to shine. Scratches and deep wood grain only give your table character, but you don’t have to stick to standard wood stains. Painting some or all of your table in white and light gray tones can make larger pieces feel lighter without sacrificing the uniqueness of the wood’s texture.

8. Top it With Decorative Touches
Once you’ve found the right table, take a moment to admire it. It’s not easy to make your design ideas come to life. Then, set about decorating it with personal touches that bring it to life. Baskets, trinket trays, and flowers lend to the country house appeal without making things look cluttered.

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Introduce some of the most popular types of coffee tables, does it have the type you want?

1. Round Coffee Table

This high-quality round coffee table, with its clean, sleek design, will be a great choice for your living room or outdoor. Its simple elegance will add a stylish touch to the space. Thanks to the solid new tech , this  table is very stable and durable. It is also very easy to clean with just a damp cloth. Assembly is really easy.

Round Coffee Table  round wood coffee table modern round coffee table

2. Lift Top Coffee Table

Putting a contemporary twist on mid-century modern styles, this coffee table’s mixed-media look is sure to grab glances! It pairs a manufactured wood body with walnut accents and a clean-lined silhouette. An open shelf below makes space to stage your favorite decorative pieces, while drop-down panels create a hidden storage compartment, allowing you to tuck away any living room essentials you want out of sight but close at hand.

Lift Top Coffee Table coffee table with lift top adjustable height coffee table

3. Rectangle Coffee Table

With character and rustic charm, this multifunctional coffee table is ideal for contemporary abodes and modern farmhouses alike. Crafted from solid cherry wood, its frame stands out with hidden pulling panel for placing books or something else. Besides, a deep weathered wood-grained finish gives it distinct look. It offers room to stage on top, plus two drawers for keeping essentials stowed and out of sight.

4. Outdoor Coffee Table

More durable than ordinary desks--Easy to assemble, wipe clean with damp cloth--Beautiful, nice coating and color, Suitable for outdoor and indoor--Special material, can resist bad weather and ensure longer service life.


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