Why Do You Need an Air Fryer

Why Do You Need an Air Fryer?


Today air fryers are a great aid in the kitchen, especially for oil-free, healthy cooking. Many might argue but here are the 3 benefits of an air fryer that you should know.

 Acekool 8.5 QT Air Fryer

Are you afraid of unwanted cholesterol? Do you miss eating your favorite fries? Our food habits are the most crucial part of staying healthy. But how can you have something crispy and crunchy yet ensure that it is healthy? Well, for this you need the right kitchen appliance to ensure nutritious cooking. And, an air fryer is perfect for it!


What are the Benefits of Using an Air Fryer?


A Healthy Way to Cook - If you love anything deep or shallow fried, using an air fryer for this is a smart option. It will save oil that will keep your calories in control. Over the stove, deep frying consumes 50 times more oil than air fryers. Plus, air fryers don’t make the food dense so you can enjoy crispy healthy bites.

Cooking without Oil - Yes, in an air fryer you can skip oil completely yet eat delicious fried food. If you parboil chicken or potatoes, sprinkle a few drops of oil on them, and put them right inside the air fryer for 20 minutes, you are good to go.

Saves Time - Air fryers are easy to access and become hot faster than an oven. This saves you a lot of time and electricity. This is one of the eco-friendly cooking methods that will help prepare French fries for the kids at home or a roasted chicken on Thanksgiving.




Here are a few air fryer options that you can check out:


Acekool Air Fryer FT1 10-in-1 19QT Digital Large Air fryer Oven

 Acekool Air Fryer FT1 10-in-1 19QT Digital Large Airfryer Oven

Air fryer, broiler, mini-oven, rotisserie, dehydrator, reheating oven, roaster, toaster, warmer, convection oven. It allows to be cooked 3 racks simultaneously, making it much easier for you.

Crispy and healthy

Up to 75% less fat when using the Air Fry function vs. traditional deep frying. works particularly well with hand-cut, deep-fried French fries.

18L 10 Preset Options

Acekool Air Fryer Oven FT1 can be used to cater for large gatherings. 10 preset functions allow you to bake a variety of different foods, in the particular style required.

1800W High Power

With double stainless steel heating pipes on top and thermal circulation fans on the bottom, all parts of a dish get evenly heated. 1800W high power reduces cooking time, making it easier to cook large batches.

Automatic Shut-down

FT1 will turn off when you open the door. Your last-used settings will remain the same until changed. Less oil in the air fryer means less mess, cleaning becomes a breeze.



Acekool 8.5 QT Air Fryer FT2 Touch Control

 Acekool 8.5 QT Air Fryer

Transparent Viewing Window

One-of-a-kind large viewing window with an ergonomic design and bright interior light lets you check your food status anytime without drawing out the air fryer basket.

All-in-one Air Frier Cookers

Large-capacity air fryer 8.5 qt, which is suitable for families of 5-7 people to use. 8 one-touch presets, easily bakes, fries, roasts, make pizza, dehydrates, toasts, rotisserie chicken, reheats, and more!

Digital Touch Screen

One-Touch control for 8 versatile presets with icons, Acekool big air fryer helps you personalize your cooking according to your preferences and adjust the time and temperature manually.

360° Air Circulation

Acekool xl air fryer adopts the latest 360°hot air circulation technology to thoroughly roast every angle of the food, get the crispier and juicer taste you love in any food without too much oil.

Dishwasher Safe

The durable non-stick air fryer basket and crisper grill are both easy cleanup for busy households. When the cooking is done, simply wash your basket and tray in the dishwasher or hand wash with warm water.


What are the Benefits of Using an Air Fryer?


We can see that benefits of having Air Fryer are overwhelming…to put the most important in the first place, health benefits are over the top; practical and time saving, another benefit no one can ignore in today’s fast-living times; environment friendly, today more than ever being eco-aware is something we should all focus on and owning an air fryer is a small benefit you can do.  

Something else worth mentioning is the price of the air fryer! Air fryers are usually priced mostly around a $100 to $500. Of course the price depends on the specs (larger volume, stronger power, control options…). So, even if you are thinking that $200 is too much, you can buy a good air fryer for $99.99 that you will be happy with. On the other hand, the price is not something to think about too much as air fryers allow you to live a healthier life.


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