Children’s Day 5 Gift Ideas

US National Children’s Day comes every second Sunday in June and it’s a day that honors the children in our lives! Taking one day off from daily commitments of work and following up on social media should be done way more often than once a year…but for this special day make sure to pick a perfect gift and create a wonderful day for your kids.

children's day

We have listed 5 items that could be a perfect gift for your kids, and that will keep your budget to acceptable level!

Check out our list:

 RCtown Drone

  1. RCTOWN Mini Drone 720P HD Camera Foldable Drone
  • Equipped with 720P HD camera, with excellent aerial photo and video effects;
  • One-key take-off/landing, altitude hold, human follow, 360° flip, track route;
  • The drone adopts a foldable design, compact size, easy to carry;
  • Gesture control allows to trigger phone shooting and video recording;
  • Enjoy easy and fun flying experience.

This entry-level drone with 720p HD camera will be a perfect toy for tech savvy kids! It is best fit for kids at 7+ age that love outdoors activities, or young teenagers that want cool perspective selfies!

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 thinkmax RC stunt car set

  1. THINKMAX 2Pack RC Stunt Car Watch Gesture Sensor Car
  • 3 PACK RC Boat Remote Control Boats;
  • High-speed Remote Control Boats Races Across the Water Up to 10 mph;
  • Long Playing Time;
  • Easy to Control;
  • Best Gift for Adults/kids.

A perfect gift for kids that love racing and competing! This RC Stunt car comes in pack of 2 and is great gift if you have 2 kids, or a kid that is social and has close friends. It’s more-less fit for all ages that are 3+ (especially since it comes with gesture remote control), but will probably be best fit for kids that are 7+.

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 idealhouse electric piano keyboard

  1. IDEALHOUSE Musical Instrument 61-Key Beginners Electric Keyboard Piano
  • Multifunction Music Instrument;
  • Perfect for Beginner & Kids;
  • 2 Power Supply Methods;
  • Microphone and Headphone Jack;
  • Great Festival Gift.

If your kid loves music, has talent for it, or you would like to give them opportunity to experiment with their music talent, this is a perfect gift for you to buy! This entry-level electric piano keyboard with microphone will satisfy all needs for music playing and singing. Professionals say that kids can start with music learning from 3 years old, and we agree, this is toy that will fit any kid from 3+.

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 thinkmax fort building kit

  1. THINKMAX 133pcs Fort Building Kit for Kids STEM Fort Toys
  • 133pcs Fort Building Kit;
  • Quality Constructed;
  • Encourages Stem Learning;
  • Fun for Family;
  • Ideal Gift for Kids.

More than just a toy or playground, this Fort building Kit is a perfect gift if you want to develop your kid’s thinking processes, “connecting dots”, STEM skills, creativity, imagination, social skills. This toy is hours of fun and it can be different every time. It is fit for babies, toddlers, and even young adults…no age limits with this one for sure.

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 thinkmax maze money box

  1. THINKMAX 6Pcs Money Maze Puzzle Box
  • The money puzzle gift boxes that develops motor skills, concentration, perception and most of all patience! Enhances spatial awareness and deeper understanding of logic.
  • 6 Pack 3x3x3 maze puzzle gift boxes come in 6 colors

If you want to develop your kid healthy life habits, teach them the value of money, smart decision making…this creative money box (piggy bank) is just the right gift you are looking for! Besides being a money box, it is also a maze box that will bring hours of fun and develop logical thinking.

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