Moving in – Home Appliances Essentials

What home appliances you should have or buy first when moving in to a new home? We listed some essentials, but also some appliances that are there just to add some “home sweet home” sense.


Moving in into an empty home

If you are moving to your new home or simply renovating, and reinventing your present home, there are some essential appliances that you’ll need. Home appliances are created and designed to make our lives easier and more convenient. Some appliances are essential, some are not essential but nice to have, some have minimal role in your life but you feel good having them for some special occasions, and some just look nice and make your home a joy to see and spend time in.

We have listed 5 essential appliances (and a few non-essential) that you should have or consider buying when moving in.


Absolute Essentials

OK, so these are home appliances that you must/should have before you move in…


  1. Fridge – Unless your plan is eating outside, or eating canned food, or maybe even buying and eating fresh food...then you must have a fridge (ideally combined fridge with a freezer). It’s usually an expensive purchase (although, if you are on a tight budget, you can buy one for under $500), but it’s one that you will have to do eventually, and considering the fact that you need it from the start, make sure to put the fridge at the top you your home appliances list.
  2. Microwave or a Stove/oven – This one is definitely on your budget. Of course buying a stove is the ideal solution, it should be priority over microwave… But of course the price difference between these two is a significant one! On the other side, microwave will do almost all that your stove/oven does. If you opt-in for microwave, you can consider different models, with different setting, features, different size…and as always, balance between the price and what you need.
  3. Coffee machine or Electric kettle – OK, so this might not sound like “essential” appliance, but… If you are a coffee person, or a morning tea person, or just understand that it’s a US thing to have a coffee/tea maker of any kind, you know that you must have one at the top of the list. And, on the good side, this isn’t even a big investment. For more than acceptable price you can buy great quality electric kettle, or for a bit more money added a good coffee machine…
  4. Washing machine – Yes, you can wash everything manually, but do you really want to? It takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, and unless you give 100% effort the results are questionable. So, washing machine is a must! Again, it’s a big purchase, washing machine can cost some decent money, but if again if you are on a tight budget, maybe even buy a used one. Of course, if money isn’t an issue, you should buy it combined with a dryer machine ;) .
  5. Iron – Probably something you wouldn’t think would be a part of this list. Probably wouldn’t even remember it when making the list, and again but… Ironing is an essential part of maintaining your clothes looking clean, and it helps you maintaining personal presentation. And it’s an acceptable investment regardless your budget. You can buy a very good iron under $50.


Not essential, but you wanna have these appliances

Let’s list a few home appliances that you don’t need when moving in, but you want to have them (if possible).

Dishwasher – yes, not necessary, but somehow it becomes one of the essentials… Washing dishes manually is something that is time consuming (and boring), and dishwasher is a solution. It can be a bit expensive purchase, but if possible it should be up there in your list.

Vacuum cleaner – oh, this one should be a purchase you want to invest to. Vacuum cleaner can be standard, cordless, robot vacuum…and depending on the technology, the price can go way over $1000, but it’s an investment you should consider giving some more budget space.

Toaster and Blender – These 2 kitchen appliances are usually kitchen décor, besides being convenient and very useful appliances. So, not essential appliances, but the ones you want to have to make your kitchen feels more as home.

TV – Any comment needed for TV? Yeah, we don’t think so as well.


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