Your Kitchen Appliances Cleaning Guide for 2022

Your Kitchen Appliances Cleaning Guide for 2022

Your Kitchen Appliances Cleaning Guide for 2022

By preparing quick breakfasts, everyday lunches, weekend dinners, and varying cuisines for family/friends get-togethers, your kitchen becomes the hub of dirt and mess after cooking. And if at all you have put off this task for some time, cleaning your kitchen becomes a time-consuming chore.

A little weekly cleanup and daily upkeep make kitchen appliances cleaning less daunting. Basically, the trick is to stick to a regimen. You can create a kitchen cleaning checklist that fits according to your schedule and requirements. Also, depending on the extent of your kitchen usage, you can set the cleanup chores and the frequency of doing it. So, if you need a little aid in preparing, here’s a kitchen-cleaning guide that will surely help you through the mess.

1. Wipe Out the Mess Immediately
Nothing is more satisfying than a squeaky-clean and organized kitchen! Well, maintaining such a kitchen is quite an overwhelming task, but not impossible. Abiding by the concept of cleaning the mess and dirt immediately after preparing the food is a fundamental approach to having an ultimate clean and hygienic kitchen.

Your Kitchen Appliances Cleaning Guide for 2022

Therefore, washing/wiping soon after using it not only reduces your workload but also helps you to maintain the hygiene factor better, especially during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Keep Dirty Pots and Pans Off the Counter Top
Cooking food requires pots and pans of all sizes but leaving them dirty on the countertop is just like creating an unnecessary mess. Be it used soup-stirring spoons, serving forks, or dishes, try not to leave these dirty vessels and cutleries on the kitchen counter space.

Therefore, keeping the dirty pots and pans off the countertop will surely avoid a lot of extra effort that you might have to put in before cooking your next meal. Well, you can also use a spoon rest or just a plate to keep curry or sauce stains off the counter surface.

Your Kitchen Appliances Cleaning Guide for 2022

3. Nightly Cleanup
Have you ever checked out your kitchen after you’re done making dinner? We’re sure most of you must have noticed lots of tissues, piles of dishes, spoons, food leftovers, and so on.

Therefore, why not scrub and wipe it every night before you hit your bed. Before the clutter multiplies, make sure you sweep the kitchen clean. Needless to say, the easiest way to do this nightly cleanup is to wash your dishes while food is still being cooked and wipe out all dirt after dinner is served. Also, don’t forget to put back the vessels/cutleries and jars in their respective places before you ‘shut down the kitchen’.

4. Weekly Organization of Cabinets and Refrigerator
Even though daily cleaning keeps your kitchen stuff in place, yet setting some time aside every week takes your cleaning a bit deeper. Mopping the kitchen floor, wiping exteriors of appliances, replacing the wash towels, scrubbing the sink, organizing the cabinets, rearranging stuff inside the refrigerator, and so on, the chores are endless. Since you can’t do these chores daily, doing it once a week will surely keep your kitchen clean.

Also, weekly cleaning of the kitchen keeps unwanted insects and germs away. So, a weekly deep clean of your kitchen is a great way to maintain hygiene and cleanliness all around.

Your Kitchen Appliances Cleaning Guide for 2022

5. Strive for a Clean and Disinfected Kitchen Sink
Piled up pots and pans in the sink is one of the most disappointing sights in a kitchen. Of course, nobody likes to wash dishes immediately after eating and this often leads to piling of one vessel after another. Hence, it’s better to get into the habit of maintaining a clean sink. You can always ask your family members to lend a helping hand.

Apart from this kitchen-cleaning guide, you must also keep in mind to do a few more things such as dumping the trash, organizing the sink cabinet, labeling ingredients, and many more.

We hope these tips will surely help you to maintain a pristine and spotless kitchen every day.

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