ZOKOP 10000BTU All-in-one ortable Air Conditioner Window Type Refrigeration/Energy Saving/Fan/Dehumidifying


Color: White
Sale price$499.99


The Air conditioner is quiet operation, very easy to operate, washable and reusable air filter can be easily slide out and can be easily washed with warm water and dish soap or vacuum cleaner. The Air conditioner can quickly cool down your home, office, or apartment for maximum comfort. So what are you waiting for? Just take it home!

1. Easy to Operate and Installation: Unit can be installed easily without a major modification to the window frame. All mounting accessories and window slider are included
2. Energy efficient: Helps reduce the energy costs,Quiet operation
3. Washable filter: The reusable and washable mesh filter reduces bacteria, room odors and other airborne particles for a healthier, more comfortable environment.
4. Rapid cooling: Quickly cools down your home, office, or apartment for maximum comfort.
5. Washable and reusable air filters slide out easily and can be cleaned easily with warm water and dishwashing liquid or vacuum cleaner
6. Refrigeration / energy saving / fan / dehumidifying portable all-in-one

1. Color: White
2. Brand: ZOKOP
3. Model: WAC-10000
4. Power Supply: 1Ph-115V-60Hz
5. Cooling:
   RATED Capacity: 10000 Btu/h
   RATED EER: 12.1 Btu/w.h,w/w
   RATED CEER: 12 Btu/w.h,w/w
   RATED Input: 826W
   RATED Current: 7.3A
   Standby Power: 1.3W
6. Moisture Removal: 1.2L/h
7. Max. input consumption: 1050W
8. Max. current: 10.8A
9. Starting current: 35A
10. Refrigerant type: R32/550 g
11. Refrigerant type: R32/19.40 ozs
12. Design pressure(145psi=1MPa )(L/H): 300/550(1.5/4.5MPa) psi
13. Compressor:
    Capacity: 9315 Btu/h
    Input: 662W
    Rated current(RLA): 5.9A
    Locked rotor Amp(LRA): 35A
    Thermal protector: BF1390-MA   B255-135-141C
    Capacitor: 50uF
    Refrigerant oil: 190ml
14. Fan motor:
    Input: 153W
    Capacitor: 15uF
15. Evaporator:
    a.Number of rows: 4
    b.Tube pitch(a)x row pitch(b): 21*12.7mm
    c.Fin spacing: 1.2mm
    d.Fin type (code): Hydrophilic aluminium
    e.Tube outside dia.and type: Ф7, Innergroove tube (Cu) mm
    f.Coil length x height x width: 380x252x50.8 mm
    g.Number of circuits: 2
16. Indoor air flow (Hi/Med/Lo): 480/430/380 m3/h
17. Indoor noise level (Hi/Med/Lo): 59/56/54dB(A)
18. Condenser:
    a.Number of Rows: 3
    b.Tube Pitch(a)x row pitch(b): 19.5x 11.6
    c.Fin Spacing: 1.2mm
    d.Fin Type (code): Non-hydrophilic Aluminium
    e.Tube outside dia.and type: Ф5, Innergroove tube mm
    f.Coil length x Height x width: 435*370*34.8 mm
    g.Number of Circuits: 2
19. Outdoor air flow (Hi/Med/Lo) m3/h: 1020 m3/h
20. 1 m3/h = 0.588 ft3/min: 600 ft3/min
21. Outdoor noise level (Hi/Med/Lo) dB(A): 66/64/61 dB(A)
22. Plug Type: 14#x3 / LCDI
23. Plug Face(NEMA#): 5-15P
24. Power Cord Length: 1800mm
25. Power Cord Length: 5.9ft
26. Application Area(Cooling Standard): 13-20m2
27. Application Area(Cooling Standard): 140-215sp.ft
28. Application Area (Cooling EPA): 400-450sp.ft
29. Operation temp Indoor(cooling): 61-88℉ Outdoor:64-109℉

Package Includes:
1 x Air Conditioner
1 x Remote Control
1 x Installation Window Kit
1 x Screws

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