Endless Fun, Limitless Creativity

Who Are ThinkMax?

Since 2016, ThinkMax, a brand of creative kid's toys, was launched. ThinkMax strive to provide kids with abundant and playful toys and offer parents various ideas and choices of toys.

ThinkMax Products

ThinkMax produce all kinds of small-scale toys, including stuffed toys, puzzles, role play educational toys, etc. ThinkMax also have large-scale toys such as four-wheel children's electric cars. ThinkMax keep producing more attractive and funny toys for kids.

ThinkMax Commitment

Carry with the mission to bring happiness to kids all around the world and inspire their creative imagination to "Think Max", ThinkMax aim to make parents and kids have fun and enjoy leisure time.

ThinkMax Vision

Make parents and kids feel happy in playing ThinkMax's toys as well as feel secure in obtaining customer service is our core vision.


ThinkMax Brand Authorization 

ThinkMax Brand Authorization