ACEKOOL Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Smart Electric Floor Mops

  • One step to vacuum, wash and mop your floor
  • Leaves even the dirtiest floors clean, dry, and streak-free
  • Multi-surface cleaning lets you transition from rugs to hard floors
  • Up to 30 mins of working power and self-cleaning mode
  • Two tanks keep clean water and dirty water separate

Color: White
Sale price$269.99


Acekool Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Electric Floor Mops
Convenient LED Display
The LED display allows you to know the remaining battery capacity, mode, working time, water tank state, fault prompt, water shortage prompt, cleaning prompt, etc.

All-in-one Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum, wash and mop at the same time in one easy step, no water stains left. First choice for pet families, saving 50% housework time! Powerful suction for multi-surfaces.

Acekool Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Electric Floor Mops
Acekool Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Electric Floor Mops
Separate Two-tank Design
Keep clean water and dirty water separated. Simple to take apart and assemble. 2Pcs washable HEPA filters, no need to buy replacement.
Lightweight and No Cord
This wet and dry vacuum cleaner is very light and portable, can be easily lifted and stored in the corner without worrying about being too bulky.
Acekool Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Electric Floor Mops
Acekool Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Electric Floor Mops
Two Charge Methods
Up to 30mins working time with 25V/2600mAH lithium-ion battery. Our vacuum mop provides 2 charging choices: charge the whole device on the charging station or plug the AC adapter directly into battery.
Acekool Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Electric Floor Mops
Acekool Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Electric Floor Mops
Acekool Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Electric Floor Mops
Acekool Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Electric Floor Mops
Acekool Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Electric Floor Mops
Acekool Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Electric Floor Mops
Acekool Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Electric Floor Mops
Acekool Vacuum VU1 Cordless Wet Dry Electric Floor Mops




Model Number


Working Time

30 min

Charging Time

4 h

Water Tank Capacity

680 mL

Dirty Water Tank Capacity

450 mL


ABS, Aluminum Alloy

Adapter Voltage

(100 to 240) V, 60 Hz

Output Voltage

30 V, 0.8 A


150 W

Battery Type

Li-ion Battery

Battery Capacity

2600 mAh

Battery Voltage

25.2 V

Net Weight

4.3 kg / 9.5 lb


(L11.4 x W9.8 x H45.3) in

Package Contents

1 x Handle, 1 x Main Body, 1 x Li-ion Battery Pack, 1 x Roller Brush, 1 x HEPA Filter, 1 x HEPA Hard Brush, 1 x Cleaning Tool, 1 x Drying Tray, 1 x Charging Station, 1 x Adapter, 1 x User Manual

User Manual:Click To Download

Brands Authorization

Warranty Policy

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Very helpful!

No matter how well I would dust-vacuum our wooden floors there was always that line of debris when mopping-swiffering etc afterwards. This has easily cut the cleaning of our floors in half, more like 70% honestly. It practically moves itself with just a little push. Always using clean water so you're not using the dirty water to clean your floors. It's not the best at getting close to the floorboards or corners of the room but the little extra time I take to clean those manually is nothing compared to the overall saving of time. The self-cleaning mode is also incredible. Run, do not walk to purchase this product. Especially if you have wood flooring.

Good quality product!

I have 3 dogs, 3 kids and lots of hardwood floors. I can't get over how well the TINECO cleans the floors & vacuums all the dog hair up. It does not leave my walnut floors overly wet and it really sucks up the dirt (see my picture). It is super easy to clean and a full charge will cover all my hard surface areas. I am so happy I spent the money on this. It has made mopping - vacuuming so much easier and less time consuming.

Exactly what I needed!

You know you're an adult when you get excited about getting a vacuum in the mail! I spent weeks online trying to find one that would be perfect for my floors. I live in a house built in the 1940's and the hardwood is the original flooring without any sealant on it. So, I was hesitant about buying a wet-dry vacuum for this reason. I took the plunge and bought this one and I am so glad I did! To test it I only did a small patch on my floor. Oh my gosh!!!! I don't think those floors have ever been clean before I moved in! I had a Swif**r but I didn't feel it was actually cleaning. Now I know it wasn't because that small patch I went over looks like a different floor!! I am waiting until those little parasites that live with me go away for the summer. Then, it is just me and my vacuum making the living room a better place. A little music and some wine...then hello clean floors! Well worth the price!


I've used this vacuum cleaner for over 2 weeks. The suction power is strong enough to clean the small pieces on the floor. The floor is a little bit damp after using the cleaner but it will dry in 1 to 2 minutes. It doesn't leave streaks and also removes the stains on the floor pretty easy. The vacuum cleaner is light weight and one good thing is that it moves forward so it will save you some energy. The battery can last about 30 minutes and you might need to empty the dirty water tank once in the middle. It will also remind you to run the self cleaning function after each use to keep it clean. Very easy to install and remove the water tanks and the roller. It's smaller than what I thought so it doesn't take a lot of space. Overall I'm satisfied with my purchase and it saves a lot of work on cleaning the hard floor.

No complaints.

It did a great job. Especially for the family who has kid. It can clean up all the messy on the floor no matter dry or wet. 100% recommended.

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