LITAKE Party Lights 2 in 1 Strobe Lights Disco Ball Lights

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  • Party Stage Lights + Disco Ball 2 in 1, Bring a new party visual experience;
  • Easy to use, just plug in and switch modes with remote;
  • Made of high quality materials, durable, safe and reliable;
  • Can be set directly on table or ground, or be mounted easily on wall;
  • Perfect for party, disco, stage, club, KTV and other event decorations.

Color: RGB
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  • Stage Lights + Disco Ball 2 in 1

Combine two mainstream home party lights to make one product shows various effects, including dazzling Red & Green Pattern Stage Lights and RGB LED Disco ball lights, which create wonderful party atmosphere.

  • Multi Functions Party Lights

3 Sound activated Modes + 3 Auto mixed lighting Modes + Flash Mode, just feel free to choose the mode you prefer. You can also choose to turn on which light and whether to rotate or not.

  • Easy to Use Dj Strobe Lights

Just plug in and use the Remote Control, you can easily change the modes you need and have your nice party. Powerful voice-activated sensor match with bright and colorful patterns, adding more fun to your party.

  • Widely Applicated Dance Lights

Portable and easy to place on a flat surface or hanging install. Suitable for birthday, wedding, dance, dj stage lighting, show, bar, club, KTV, ballrooms, skating rink, concert, home karaoke, house party, festival like Christmas, Halloween, and other event decoration.

  • High Quality and Safety

This Party Projector Light is made of good quality light beads and durable Metal material shell, which has a long service life, safe and reliable.

LITAKE Party Lights 2 in 1 Strobe Lights Disco Ball Lights PHO_0K2MJ12W

Remote control Tips

  • Green & Red Pattern Stage Lights and RGB LED Disco Lights can be controlled independently.
  • Static or dynamic lighting effects can be switched by stopping the motor rotation.
  • Lighting Modes:AUTO(A1-A3)/ Sound Activated(Music 1/2/3)/ FLASH.

    A1 : Both lights change color with rotating.
    A2 : LED change color with rotating, while Pattern light is always on.
    A3 : Pattern light change color with rotating, while LED is always on.
    Music 1 : Sound controls lights on or off.
    Music 2 : Automatically light when there is no sound, sound makes color change fast.
    Music 3 : Lights change color slowly and stop rotation when there is no sound, sound makes lights flash, rotate and change color.
    LITAKE Party Lights 2 in 1 Strobe Lights Disco Ball Lights PHO_0K2MJ12W

    Safety Tips

  • 1. Before using, please read User Manual and Amazon product page carefully, especially pay attention to Safety Tips.
  • 2. There is no power switch on product so it maybe light on while plug in. Please do not keep eyes close to or look at the light beams directly when using, and keep away from eyes before plug in, so as not to cause visual discomfort.
  • 3. This product is suitable for 50~86℉ indoor. Please do not use this product in wet, hot, dusty environment. When using it outdoor, please be sure to take waterproof measures and avoid leaving outdoor for a long time.
  • 4. Children need to use this product accompanied by adult.
  • 5. Do not set it on places that do not dissipate heat well (such as carpets), or near by flammable items.
  • 6. If light does not turn on after power on, it may be in sound control mode, please try to switch modes first.
  • 7. In order to avoid damage to the product, please do not disassemble the product or replace the adapter at will.
  • 8. Please avoid the product to work continuously for a long time. After 2 hours of use, power off and let the machine cool down for 10 minutes to extend the service life.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Charles Lucas
    You need more disco in your life!

    This party device is probably one of the most cost-effective ways to liven up your party! We got this before a big Halloween party, and it was a huge surprise with all our guests and partygoers!!! There are many modes and many different views to choose from which make for one of the best laser light shows Ive seen from such a small and inexpensive laser light unit. HIGHLY recommended!

    Jack Davis
    Works great! Looked great!

    The product is very good quality. Plug and play. The functions of the light are fancy. Choose one of them for your party mood. Impressed with the coverage of lights in the room. Compact size makes it easy to take with you. I like the way it moves to the music. The remote is a convenient way to change the lights for different party themes or holidays. Bright enough. The remote control is responsive.

    William Wang
    You'll love this!

    Easy to use right out of the box just plug it into the outlet and turn up your bluetooth speaker to your favorite music and watch the mood drastically change. The lights pattern follows the beat of your music. We bought this for Thanksgiving after dinner dance and boy were we in for an experience like no other. Everyone was dancing and the kids loved it so much. We have alot of fun with this little gadget.

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