ACEKOOL Popcorn Maker PA1 No-Oil 2 Minutes Popcorn Machine

  • 1200W power makes it pop 2 oz of corn kernels in 2 minutes;
  • Hot air allows you to enjoy delicious oil-free popcorn;
  • Hot air rotation technology pops bigger popcorn;
  • Slotted lid and bottom vents dissipate heat simultaneously;
  • Non-stick coating and oil-free design make cleanup easy.

Color: Red
Sale price$35.99


ACEKOOL Popcorn Maker PA1 No-Oil 2 Minutes Popcorn Machine
Easy and Safe Operation
Turn on and off the popcorn machine with just one button. It's unable to shut off itself but will stop heating when it reaches a certain temperature
Anti-slippery Pad
The popcorn maker will not move around like other brands when working since 4 anti-slippery pads are equipped, and the tower shape of the machine is stable enough to hold it still.
ACEKOOL Popcorn Maker PA1 No-Oil 2 Minutes Popcorn Machine
ACEKOOL Popcorn Maker PA1 No-Oil 2 Minutes Popcorn Machine
Advanced Heat Dissipation
The lid is designed with many slots to dissipate heat so that the air popper is more durable than other brands.

ACEKOOL Popcorn Maker PA1 No-Oil 2 Minutes Popcorn Machine


Fast & Healthy Hot Air Popper

Air popping is a very healthy and economical way of making popcorn. The heated air blows the kernels around for even, non-burning, no-oil popping, and then blows the popped corn out of the mouth of the popper. It measures up to higher-priced poppers regarding the popping rate and speed. Plus, it's easy to use and clean up.

What should I know before using this popcorn maker?
1. ONLY add 2 oz (60g) or less kernels to the popper to have them all popped. Too many kernels will affect popping rate.

2. It's recommended to use a square container with a wide circumference to catch the corn that flies a little wild.

3. Do not add any oil, butter or other seasonings into the chamber.

4. Please wait for about 15 minutes before another use so that the air popper can cool down.

5. Clean the chamber with a piece of soft cloth. The plastic top cover and lid can be washed with running water.

6. Turn the popcorn machine off and unplug it after each use.

ACEKOOL Popcorn Maker PA1 No-Oil 2 Minutes Popcorn Machine

Flavor Your Popcorn with Your Own Taste

This electric popcorn maker doesn't need any oil, so it saves all the calories and doesn't have the greasy taste from cooking oil, however, if you want to flavor your popcorn, just pour your favorite seasoning over the fully popped corn in the bowl afterwards!

 ACEKOOL Popcorn Maker PA1 No-Oil 2 Minutes Popcorn Machine




Model Number





1200 W


6 Ounces


120 V, 60 Hz



Net Weight

1.8 lb

Product Dimensions

5.7 x 5.7 x 10.7 inches

Package Contents

1 x Popcorn Maker, 1 x Machine Lid, 1 x Top Cover, 1 x Instruction Book

User Manual:Click To Download

Brands Authorization

Warranty Policy

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tom Wilsom
Adorable and Makes Great Popcorn FAST!!!

I was surprised by how small this was, but it didn't change the fact that it makes perfect popcorn. Our 10 yr old unboxed it, set it up, read the instructions and made the first bowl of popcorn. If it can turn out perfect for her, it'll be just as good for everyone else.

Subhash Dalal
Lots of fun, makes great popcorn!

This little popcorn maker is SO much fun to use that everyone wants to make popcorn when they see it and we all love watching it come out and fill up the bowl with perfectly popped delicious popcorn!!! It is amazing how much popcorn this little red cutie can pump out in two minutes!!! If you put too many kernels in it will not work properly, half a scoop and it comes out perfect every time!!! Yummy!!

Jack Davis
Cute air popper, works great, easy to use!

I like that you can season the kernels exactly the way you want vs. them being saturated in whatever butter like substance that is in the microwave bags. I dont think that we worry about the healthiness of popcorn before making it, however the fact that this item does not require oil is very nice. It also makes it rather easy to clean. It is fun to watch the popcorn spill out as well.

Anna White
Works fast; works great!

This device is amazing! Super quality materials and fantastic performance. It makes quality popcorn in a snap. No burnt pieces or hot grease. This is a must have to make easy and healthy snacks. Definitely recommend!

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