kitchen appliances Where to Buy Kitchen Appliances

So you decided to update your kitchen appliances, or you moved into a new kitchen and need everything new…but where to buy kitchen appliances? Sounds like a simple question, but let’s see what our research suggests.

Where to Buy Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen is not only about cooking. Of course, most of us use kitchen for cooking, preparing food, arranging dinner…and that’s what it’s main purpose is. But, some (of us) enjoy a good looking, stylish kitchen, full of fancy kitchen appliances, and as many as possible mixers, blenders, air fryers… It’s easy to find all these kitchen appliances, but if you know where to look, you can find great quality, modern-looking products, at fairly affordable price.


What are kitchen appliances?

OK, you probably think this is nonsense question, everyone knows what are kitchen appliances, you cannot make a definition for it…but, just give it a minute to read, even though it is not the surprising, for sure it’s interesting read.

The kitchen appliance is a home appliance used in preparing food process; Examples of kitchen appliances are: coffee maker, toaster, blender, mixer, air fryer, oven, stove…  And google search engine mostly agrees with this (which is important if you want to start your search googling where to buy).


Where to buy kitchen appliances?

You can have 2 or 3 strategies…

  • Buying in a “home supplies” store.
  • Buying in an online store
  • Alternatively, browsing online, buying in a “home supplies” store


Buying directly in store has its pluses…you get to see the product you’re buying, you can directly ask a sales person any questions, possibly get demo and see the product “in action”. On the other side, price will most likely be higher than buying online, and you have to actually go there and spend some more time on that.

Buying online gives you all the comfort of your home, researching and buying in your own hours, in most cases you can get a better price, research that exact product online (read reviews, google comments about it…), and for most stores you will get customer support during working hours and possibly 24/7.


Whatever strategy you choose, make sure to first check online for the working hours, warranty terms and conditions, shipping terms. All big (and small) home appliances stores have websites and most of them have (24/7 or working hours) chat and/or call customer support. Besides, as mentioned, it is highly likely that you will get some products on discount or special deal if purchased online, and you could possibly arrange free delivery to the closest store so you can just pick it up.


Here are a few home supply stores you should definitely check:

  • Third-party e-commerce platform – of course, the king of the online sale, Amazon, has everything you might need, and same goes for the kitchen appliances. From big international brands (Bosch, Samsung, GE…), to smaller emerging brands (Acekool, IdealHouse…). Amazon offers full customer support, arranged delivery, and a lot of options.
  • GaoMon ( – Gaomon is a home furnishing company based in USA. Established in 2010., with a history of 12 years, and more than 500 employees. Gaomon owns well-known brands such as Acekool and Idealhouse, and long-term plans to expand as the business grows. Since its start Gaomon has been committed to making quality household products more accessible to families. Design affordable, full-featured products, with goal to be an online store for one-stop shopping, to help customers furnish and organize their home while making life easier and more comfortable.
  • Lowe’s – 19M+ customer transactions per week and $96.3B sales in 2021. speaks a lot for itself. Lowe’s is typical US success story that begins in North Carolina as a small-town hardware store, to today’s one of the biggest home supplies chains in the US (with nearly 2200 stores and 19 distribution centers).
  • Wayfair – As they say it, Wayfair is one of the world's largest home retailers, and they have the numbers to back it up ($13.7B net revenue in 2021, 27M customers, 33M products). They are especially proud to receive a perfect score for commitment to LGBTQ+ workplace equality for second consecutive year.
  • AJ Madison - With a huge selection of major brand name appliances, easy to shop and secure purchase process, AJ Madison comes as one of the best shops for Home Appliance.

And of course, a some of the biggest out there, that you all know, but we cannot skip to mention are:

  • BestBuy
  • Home Depo
  • Costco


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