What Size Stand Mixer Do I Need?

What Size Stand Mixer Do I Need?

The time when cooks at home and restaurants used to stir ingredients by hand is over. From cookie dough to egg whites, everything that requires vigorous stirring has been mechanized after the innovation of electric mixers.
What Size Stand Mixer Do I Need?

There are two main types of mixers, namely, hand mixers and electric mixers. Hand mixers are common in households where small mixing tasks like whisking eggs, mixing cookie dough, etc. can be done. While a hand mixer is a handheld device, a stand mixer is a device that needs a permanent spot on your kitchen counter. A stand mixer is for people who do elaborate cooking that requires mixing ingredients regularly.

What Size Stand Mixer Do I Need?
The size of your stand mixer definitely matters. Usually, the electric mixer brands in the market showcase stand mixers that range from 3.5 to 8-quart capacities. The standard size is between 4.5 and 5.5 quarts. This is large enough to bake a batch of cookies or knead a loaf of bread. If you do a lot of large-quantity cookies or bread baking, you would want to choose a larger mixer.
What Size Stand Mixer Do I Need?

Capacities of Mixers:
  • 5-8 Qt. Mixers – These are small, compact units that can mix up to about 4 pounds of bread dough, 4 pounds of thick pizza dough, 4 pounds of mashed potatoes, and 1.8 qats. of whipped cream. These won't be able to tackle tough dough because their maximum motor strength is typically 0.5 HP. If you are looking for a size somewhere in between this, you can opt for a 7.5QT stand mixer. Check out the Acekool Tilt-Head Electric dough mixer, they are just apt for all your everyday mixing needs.
  • 10 Qt. Mixers –These are slightly larger units compared to 8 Qt mixers and can accommodate about 5 pounds of bread dough, 5 pounds of thick pizza dough, 5 pounds of mashed potatoes, 8 pounds of cake batter, and 2 qts. of whipped cream. So get this one if your mixing needs are higher and the quantity larger.
  • 20 Qt. Mixers – These are mid-size mixers perfect for a large family. These mixers have more power and can handle higher quantities and densities. They can mix about 25 pounds of bread dough, 20 pounds of thick pizza dough, 15 pounds of mashed potatoes, and 4 qts. of whipped cream.
  • 30 Qt. Mixers – 30 Qt. mixers and sizes above that are considered floor mixers. These are designed to sit on the floor of the kitchen. These can hold up to 45 pounds of bread dough, 40 pounds of thick pizza dough, 23 pounds of mashed potatoes, 30 pounds of cake batter, and 6 qts. of whipped cream. They usually house 3 HP motors. If you have a small home baking business, you can opt for this one.
  • 60 Qt. Mixers – These are large mixers made for use in huge factories, pizzerias, and bakeries. These are made for operations that produce very high volumes of dense dough. They have powerful motors that are durable enough to withstand mixing these doughs. They can handle up to 90 pounds of bread dough, 70 pounds of thick pizza dough, or 60 pounds of cake batter.

Stand mixers are quite expensive and therefore you should carefully consider the brand and other requirements before investing in one. Calculate how much ingredients you mix regularly and get a mixer according to that quantity. Also, check for the durability and the attachments that accompany the product.

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