Space Heater – A Perfect Instant Solution

As defined by, a space heater is a device used to heat a single, small to medium sized area. Space heater is an instant solution to a cold room problem. In that period of year when winter is over and whole day it seems like a nice warm spring…until the evening, when it’s get cold… That’s the perfect moment to use space heater!


A perfect instant solution

Why do we say space heater is the perfect instant solution? Its main function is to heat up really fast and spread that heat efficiently through the space/room you need to heat up – and that’s exactly what space heater does!

To be clear, no one should use space heater as main heating solution for their home throughout entire winter season (if your home comes with the heating system). But if you need to warm up a room that you don’t use very often (maybe guest room), or just spend a few days at your weekend house, or your heating system is off or not good enough on some days, you got yourself a solution in space heater. A space heater will do the perfect job of fast heating and maintaining the warmth as long as it is on.


Space heater basics you might wanna know

Most electric space heaters fall into four main categories:

  • Fan heaters – the most common, “old-school”, space heaters are fan heaters. Very fast in producing heat and warming up the space. One of their best features is that they can we pointed to a specific part of the space and basically spot-heat a room (or a person). They are much cheaper when compared to other types.
  • Ceramic heaters – similar to fan heaters, ceramic heaters function by pushing the air over a heated ceramic material. They are a bit more energy efficient than the fan heaters.
  • Infrared heaters – these heaters come a bit later than other types, and they grew in popularity in the 2010s. They are smaller and more secure (and efficient) than ceramic heaters. They don’t use fan to spread the heat (instead circulate heat according to a room's air patterns).
  • Oil-filled heaters – these heaters can heat larger rooms, but take longer to heat up. Basically, they use specific type of oil that is heated inside the heater, and that spread out the heat (like infrared heater, they don’t use fan, they radiate the heat and spread it according to a room's air patterns).


Although often mentioned as energy inefficient, as previously said, space heaters aren’t meant to be used as main heating solution, and as such they are not to be used for long periods of time, so their cost efficiency (when compared with their price) is actually quite acceptable.


ACEKOOL Portable Space Heater HF1

1500W 2s Heat Up with Thermostat

space heater

  • Heats up to 70°F in 2 seconds
  • 3 Modes: fan / 850W low heat / 1500W high heat
  • Remote control and 8-hour timer
  • Auto shut-off when tipped over 45°
  • Overheat protection and tip-over protection


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