Something about Baking Skills
Baking, also known as baking and baking, refers to the drying and hardening of materials by dry heat under the burning point of materials.

Baking is an indispensable step in the production of bread and cake products. After a series of chemical changes, such as gelatinization of starch and denaturation of protein, bread and cake can reach the goal of ripening. It can also change the taste of food.

Changes in volume and weight of bread during baking

The reasons for the increase in volume are as follows:
  • Expansion gas source: carbon dioxide, water, alcohol, acid, aldehyde heat expansion;
  • Starch gelatinized and expanded;
  • After denaturation, the protein becomes rigid and maintains its expanded volume structure.

Weight change after baking:

Generally, the weight will be lost by 10-12% after baking. The main materials and proportion of losses are as follows:

The water content was 95%, ethanol 1.5%, carbon dioxide 3.3%, volatile acid 0.3%, acetaldehyde 0.08%. The weight loss is mainly related to the size of the machine package and whether the baking mold is used.

Many novice bakers are not sure about the time and oven temperature when making cakes, which leads to the hard-working cakes not cooked or well cooked. I believe that no one wants to encounter this situation. So today I'm going to talk to novices about how to master baking time and temperature.

1. Types of cakes
The higher the sugar content of the cake, the lower the baking temperature, which can make the cake baking normal and not easy to produce Caramel effect.

2. The size of the cake
The bigger the cake is, the lower the baking temperature is, so that the central position of the cake can be fully cooked and the bottom and surrounding areas will not be burnt.

3. The quality of the cake
The higher the sugar content of the cake, the lower the baking temperature, which can make the cake baking normal and not easy to produce Caramel effect.

4. Thickness and density of cake
Cake with high density, such as oil cake, should be baked at low temperature. It takes a long time to bake the oil cake because of its fine texture. Sponge cake doesn't need to be baked for a long time because of its loose tissue. Therefore, the temperature can be adjusted to maintain its temperature and texture.

5. Oven load
When the load of the oven reaches its peak, its temperature will drop the fastest. The temperature of the oven can be adjusted up to 5 ~ 10 ℃, but when the load is small, the temperature can be reduced. At this time, the temperature should be reduced by 5 ~ 10 ℃.

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