Pool Party Must-Haves

Summer is just around the corner, and for some it already arrived, for summer lovers it’s all year round… Regardless how and when do you perceive summer, we all perceive pool parties the same – the best parties for kids or grown-ups. Let’s see what are the pool party must haves…

pool party

There is no great party without great music!

Yeah, first things first, you gotta have great music on your party. Whether you are organizing party for your kids (toddlers or teenagers), or your friends, music is something that is essential for creating the atmosphere. And it can be any music suited for the party and/or company, from classical to hip-hop, or “Baby Shark” for kids… And pool party is no different than other parties when it comes to music! So get some good sound system, and depending on the party maybe even some bigger speakers, prepare a list in advance, or have someone be a DJ, and all that’s left to do is enjoy.

party snacks sandwiches

Drinks and Snacks

Usually no one comes to a party mainly to eat and drink, but everyone will have a few drinks and (if offered) some snacks. Again, depending on the party theme, the food (and drinks) you offer will be adjusted to it. Cocktails are always a hit, and they are fit for any kind of party (you can make them with alcohol or without). Also, get recipes for some refreshing smoothies, everyone loves smoothies… Oh, and one important thing to keep in mind, if you’re going to enjoy the pool actively, take it easy on the food and avoid alcohol (make sure your guests know this as well)!

Pool Toys

The easiest thing you can do to decorate your pool is adding colorful balloons floating all around. You can also create colorful balloon arches, palm trees, for kids you can make water balloons (water bombs) … Additionally, you might want to add one or two floats (you can get them in fun shapes and different sizes, something for everyone). Also, you can invest a bit more and get some inflatable pool toys that will last longer and bring joy to every day pool time as well.

Check out our suggestion for perfect, multifunctional pool toy:

thinkmax pool toys

THINKMAX 9pcs PVC Inflatable Pool Toy

Pool Water Party Game - Inflatable pool float set includes 2PCS Inflatable Logs Rafts, 2 PCS Inflatable Canes,1PCS Cross Ring Toss and 4 PCS Rings. This Water Game Toy set is the Perfect Gift for Kids and Adults, Suitable for Playing in Indoor and Outdoor Pool.

High Quality - The Inflatable logs rafts and Inflatable ring toss pool game are made of quality PVC, has excellent airtightness and waterproof, and durable, Suitable for adults and Kids to have fun in summer.

Suitable Occasions - Battle Log Rafts and Ring toss game are Perfect for Pool Party Favors, Summer Beach Party, Birthday, School Activities Supplies and other Teamwork Activities, Swimming Pool Games, Pool Toys, Pool Party, Float, Summer Party Favors.

Pool Game Toys - The players sit on the floating log rafts and hold the walking stick. And come to a real "fighting" with friends and family on the water. After fighting, who is still sitting on the log raft wins.

Easy to Inflate and Deflate - Light weight. Easy to Carry & Store. You can take it to a journey, lake, or beach. Durable Inflatable Swimming Pool Games Set is made of plastic.


Now all you need to do is prepare according to the list and enjoy!



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