Outdoor Solar Lights

Sunny days for bright nights. Embrace the power of Sun and go solar with your home and garden lights! You need decorative lights, no problem. Need security spot lights, no problem. Solar technology is highly energy-efficient and you should not hesitate to use it. And if you worry about the clouds, rechargeable batteries technology got you covered. Let’s check out more about the solar energy and using it for lights…

solar panel

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun that is harnessed using a range of technologies such as solar power to generate electricity, solar thermal energy including solar water heating, and solar architecture (definition from Wikipedia).

According to World Economic Forum he large magnitude of solar energy available makes it a highly appealing source of electricity. Solar energy has been cheaper than fossil fuels since 2020. Considering the current trends, renewable (green) energy sources are the of the future and that future is happening now.


3 Key Benefits of Outdoor Solar Lights

  1. Environmentally friendly “green” energy

Climate change and pollution is something that we need to solve. It’s not only up to governments to handle these big problems, it is also a matter of our personal engagement. Start from yourself and give example to the others, especially children. And it is very simple…investment in solar energy is one way to do this. Solar-powered outdoor lights will reduce your carbon footprint! For start, and less obvious, manufacturing solar lights is eco-friendly (in most cases); also, the more obvious, they are powered by the Sun (solar) energy. With development of LED technology, alongside the development of solar energy technology, and rechargeable batteries technology, solar-powered lights require very little energy and are highly energy efficient; so no worries about cloudy days or winter season.

outdoor solar lights

  1. Cost effective

No matter how much money you initially spend (or better say invest), the money you save over the years of use makes solar lights supremely cost effective. Of course, with higher prices usually comes more “light power” or some additional features like motion sensors, remote control, smart functions and app control, RGBW color options…but if you have just simple needs or want just decoration for your garden or outdoor of your home, you will probably have to spend under or around $100.

Also, installation is easy, in most cases DIY work, so it won’t require any paid help to do it!

Solar light usually come with complete parts and are just “plug-and-play”. No need to prepare any electric installations and wiring…so one more thing you can cross from your investment cost list.

Solar batteries developed with solar panels, and other parts of solar energy technology…nowadays, solar batteries will usually have a life span of at least ten years!

And finally, the most obvious, you are completely off-grid! No electric energy costs, no additional charge on your electricity bill, nothing whatsoever.


  1. Low maintenance

Solar powered lights are basically maintenance-free. Once you install them and fine tune the details you want, you are done. Outdoor lights are waterproof (rain and weather resistant); electrical power light use is very low and risk of overheating or some other similar issue is almost non-existent. Lights work on a very simple technology and principal, battery charges automatically during daylight and then powers the lights during night.

Only effort you will have to put in is occasional cleaning (simple wipe – literally) over of the solar panel. As simple as it sounds, really.

outdoor solar lights decorative

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