How to Store Kitchen Appliances in a Smart and Efficient Way

How to Store Kitchen Appliances in a Smart and Efficient Way

Is there anything better than a well-organized kitchen for all the cooking enthusiasts out there? While we love to prep and cook our meals on neat and tidy kitchen counters, the presence of appliances might hinder the flow and fun involved in cooking. Scattered kitchen appliances not only occupy extra space but can also become a spot for cobwebs and insects.

So with limited space in our homes, where can one really store all the small and big appliances? We have listed 6 smart ways that will help you make your kitchen space organized and pleasing to look at.

How to Store Kitchen Appliances in a Smart and Efficient Way

1. Declutter and Make Space
Take a piece of paper and list all of your kitchen appliances. Try to be comprehensive with your list. The freezer, the microwave, even the dishwasher are included. This is key to ensuring that every single appliance is included and nothing is missed.

Go down the list after it is done and highlight something that is in a permanent position. This will be your refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, and oven just to name a few. What you can choose from are those kitchen appliances that are left on your list. Choose your best appliances that will stick out at all times.

You need to find the best place for those things. You know what can be safely put away. The trick here is to find a spot that is simple to get to and doesn't take any prime real estate (places that are super easy to get to) out of the space yet. Some examples which come to mind are a cabinet next to the stove or one above the dishwasher.

How to Store Kitchen Appliances in a Smart and Efficient Way

Yet you do not want these appliances to be kept in a basement either. You need to find a way that keeps the counters clean but still allows you to work in an effective space.

2. Invest in a Mixer Lift
Small appliances like stand mixers may not be used daily unless you are fond of baking. If your stand mixer is high on aesthetics and adds to the beauty of your countertop, then you need not worry about its storage. However, if you prefer a clear countertop while cooking, then we suggest investing in a mixer lift. Installed in a cabinet below the counter, the mixer lift cleverly stores and conceals your stand mixer. All you have to do is just pull it out when needed without much effort. Whether you own a KitchenAid, Kenwood, Acekool stand mixer, etc., these mixer lifts are the best means of storing them.

3. Build an Appliance Garage
Some areas are used to house small appliances and kitchen gadgets on the counter. They generally use space in the corner that may otherwise be hard to get to. A kitchen garage can store a surprising amount of kitchen cabinet appliances and can quickly clear up a counter while still keeping items within easy reach. They get their name from the garage-like door.

How to Store Kitchen Appliances in a Smart and Efficient Way

Simply slide the door up and you can store almost everything inside. For commonly used items that are not used every day, such as an opener for a can, smoothie maker, or blender, this area is fine. Don't let yourself be fooled by its small size; they can give you plenty of counter space.

4. Reserve Your Lower Cabinets for Slow Cookers
On top of their upper cabinets is where several individuals store their slow cookers. Yeah, that room might otherwise be lost between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling, but it's not the place for a heavy and bulky electronic device. What's easier is to position it on a sideboard. This way, you can quickly bend down and pick it up when you need it. Not everybody has a sideboard, so it's worth mentioning that it will fit just as well with a lower kitchen cabinet. And if you have a small amount of cabinet space, there still may be room for your slow cooker, even if that means having to put some less-often-used pots and pans way up top.

5. Your Pantry Can Store More Than Just Food
Not only does this ingenious storage hack make cooking and food preparation simpler, but it also addresses the question of how best to use the uncomfortable room at the bottom of your pantry. As it tends to collect dirt, dust bunnies, and pet hair, try to avoid storing food there, but you can use it to lock up your appliances.

How to Store Kitchen Appliances in a Smart and Efficient Way

Furthermore, pulling out store appliances from your pantry can be made easier by using wheels. You can quickly roll your perfect appliance out of its storage position instead of getting down on your hands and knees to shuffle through your appliance stash. Or, even better, you can drive, pull, or rearrange your wheeled appliances with your foot. You will also find that it makes you much more likely to use them by storing your small appliances on rolling plant stands.

6. Appliance Shelves Might Do the Trick
You may not have room for a walk-in pantry, but in a standard cupboard pantry, you could still squeeze an appliance shelf. Pick the shelf that is located around the waist level as the one on which some of your small appliances will be placed. It removes the need to bend down or reach too far. It also means you can open the doors to your pantry and quickly locate the appliance you need without needing to rummage around for it. You might also consider having the appliances stored within the cupboard in a pull-out cabinet. Again, before filling them up, check the weight capacity of the drawers first.

When you choose to store your kitchen appliances smartly, it eventually increases your cooking efficiency as well as leaves more room for you to make new additions. We hope these tips and tricks will make your kitchen a wonderful place to be! 

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