Cat Activity Tree

Most people are divided in two groups: cat person or dog person. You can be a dog person, or just don’t like cats, but there is a great chance you can spend a whole hour watching cat videos…their activity can be hypnotizing, and cats love their activity centers! If you are thinking of getting a cat for a pet, or already have one but you’re finally done with it napping on your keyboard, playing with hanging cables, or scratching your favorite chair, you must get cat activity tree!

cat activity tree

If You Have a Cat, You Should Have a Cat Activity Tree

Cats love to climb, stretch, “sharp” their claws, play with anything that moves, play with hanging ropes and cables, get in and “hide” in the small places…your home can be a perfect playground for your cat! But, at some points you just don’t want to see your cat scratching and biting your favorite chair, or drapes, or TV cable. Cats natural instincts are pretty strong and (unlike dogs) cats are a bit harder to train or control, they have mind of their own and they have strong character. Cats need their activity and they will find it wherever they can, so why not provide a perfect for them, get cat activity tree for your cat, it’s a win-win situation and you will both enjoy it.

So what should you get for your cat in order to avoid having scratched furniture, get your cat napping in your chair, hiding in your closet, climbing on shelves (nocking things down)? Get your cat an Activity Tree (activity center)! You can also try to DIY one (although do research first, it’s probably cheaper just to buy one), it doesn’t really matter as long as you provide your cat with all that they need. Cat activity tree is fairly cheap investment in your and your cat’s happiness.


Treat Your Cat with the Perfect Gift

Check out ASYPETS Cat Activity Tree at

cat activity tree

This cat tree tower is an all-in-one amusement park with large perch, cave, dangling ropes... It offers endless fun, and a perfect private nap and relax place. It’s easy assembled within 10 minutes, and it is very sturdy and supportive, high-quality made.

ASYPETS Cat Activity Tree 50” Multi-Level Wooden Pet Furniture

  • Versatile Fun Center;
  • Safe Sturdy Construction;
  • Exceptional Quality Materials;
  • Meet Your Cat's Natural Instincts;
  • Easy Assembly Cat Tree.

 cat nap

As mentioned before, cats love their activity tree (in most cases; sometimes they just seem to ignore it…you put all the effort to find and buy the perfect one, or even DIY one, and your cat just ignores it…but that’s probably why you love them, cats have character…this is a cats’ world and we are all just living in it J.


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