Air Purifier Now a Gadget You Must Have

Air Purifier – A Home/Office Gadget You Must Have

 As the name suggests, air purifiers’ main “job” is to provide us with clean, purified air at home or office. Keeping areas, you spend a lot of time in, clean and fresh is quite important for your health.


Air Purifier Now a Gadget You Must Have

The air you breathe in is as clean as the space you are in! Today, air pollution is at its highest and there is a slim chance this condition will change in recent future (globally especial, but locally as well). Although our collective air pollution awareness is elevated, these processes take time…so at the moment what can you do? Clean your own air, get yourself Air Purifier!


What are the Benefits of Air Purifier?

As the name openly suggests, the primary responsibility of air purifiers is to provide us with clean air.

You might wonder is the air in your home/office really “dirty” (?)

OK, so the air inside may not be really “dirty”, that is too strong choice of words. But you can be sure that inside air is not pristine either. Of course, inside air depends on many different circumstances…it depends on area where the home/office is, how often it’s cleaned and sanitized, ventilated/winded… A typical room is full of airborne particles released when cooking, cleaning, as well as dust coming from furniture, wires and other sources. You might think that the solution is to just “open a window” and allow fresh air in, and that might be true in some areas where there is none or little traffic, otherwise opening the window will just let more (different) polluted air in.

And as harmless as this may seem, some of these particles are the instigators of a number of respiratory diseases, allergies, irritations and colds.


What and How the Air Purifiers work?

Air purifiers circle the air from the room and thus take in “dirty” air and expel the clean air. They do this by directing the air through a built-in filter that can catch the harmful airborne particles mentioned earlier and thus remove them from your indoor environment. When passed through the filter several times, most air purifiers are able to catch both small and large particles and free your air of up to 95-97% of harmful substances.


Different types of Air Purifier

All air purifiers have the same role and that is to clean/purify the air. However, they can do it in different ways, and some of them can even add some more benefits beside purification.


HEPA Filter Air Purifiers - are the most popular and known to be one of the best in terms of purification efficiency. They work in a way that HEPA Filter(s) physically catch and stop particles (up to 0.3 microns). The filters are easily replaceable and easy to maintain.


Air Ionizer Air Purifiers - are second most popular type of air purifiers. They work in quite a different fashion. Unlike HEPA Filter Air Purifiers that sanitize the air by physically holding the particles pushed through it, Air Ionizer purifiers work on chemical/physics level. Instead of making the air go through a filter, an air ionizer releases negative ions that change the polarity or airborne particles, resulting in them pulling together and falling to the floor – thus, getting out of the air you are breathing. One of the major strengths of air ionizers is that they can remove particles from the air that are as small as 0.01 microns. One of the major weaknesses, on the other hand, is that the particles, though removed from the air, still remain present in the room.


UV Lamp Air Purifiers – similar to Air Ionizer, Ultra Violet Lamp purifiers work on chemical/physics level. Using the UV light (that has germicide effect) they destroy micro-organisms that approach the light source.  UV Lamp purifiers are quite efficient in this processes, especially efficient in removing bacteria from environment. So, in terms they are not really Air Purifiers per se (as they don’t “clean” the air from the room), they do sanitize the environment they are put in.


Activated Carbon Air Purifiers - these air purifiers are in effect the same as HEPA filter ones, but also have that chemical/physics level of purifying since activated carbon is comprised of a large number of pores, which are highly absorbent and are able to form chemical bonds with gaseous and odorous elements. This type of Air Purifiers is most effective when it comes to removing odors, cigarette smoke, chemical gasses and fumes.


Ozone Generator Air Purifiers – Similar to UV Lamp Air Purifiers, Ozone air purifiers can help destroy certain types of germs and bacteria, and chemical agents. They work by ozonizing the air (activated oxygen) and since Ozone has germicidal properties, that air gets sanitized. Negative side is that ozone has specific smell and can be dangerous in high concentrations.


Air Purifiers can also be smaller, portable, for car or small office; and they can be larger, industrial for large areas.



Acekool Portable Air Purifier D01 True H13 Filter Air Cleaner

 Acekool Portable Air Purifier D01 True H13 Filter Air Cleaner

 Advanced Versatile Design

Acekool Update Smart Air Purifier is perfectly combined with the temperature and humidity meter. Help monitor your surroundings in real-time with multiple sensors, which refresh humidity and temperature every 10 seconds.


True HEPA Technology

Pre-Filter, True HEPA Filter, and High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter work seamlessly together to eliminate 99.97% of PM2.5, Safety certifications: ETL CA PROP 65 FCC in the United States.


Ultra-Silent & Sensitive Touch

Adopt advanced noise reduction fan blade design, Acekool air purifier runs quietly at 10-25 dB when it's running at speed I and speed II. All settings can be easily set via a sensitive touch switch, enjoy easier breathing, and undisturbed sleep.


Compact but Powerful

Its small size and modern design make it easy to fit in any small areas or rooms, and powerful enough to deliver clean air 30-65m3/h, which covers the area of about 10 square meters. No ozone and UV-C light.


Filter Change Reminder

A built-in LED Indicator reminds you when it's time for a fresh filter. Filters should be replaced every 6 months depending on use and air quality in your area.



ACEKOOL Air Purifiers for Large Room up to 1615 ft²

ACEKOOL Air Purifiers for Large Room up to 1615 ft²


Upgraded Purification

The powerful air purifier can change the air 2x per hour in a room up to 1615 ft² and 5x per hour in a room of 646 ft²! Its ultra-fine Nylon Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and H13 True HEPA Filter can trap 99.97% of air pollutants as small as 0.3 um.


DC Motor & Energy-Saving

Equipped with DC silent motor, the air purifier is engineered for quiet operation (as low as 23 dB) that is way much less loud than most standard purifiers. The DC motor also offers greater energy efficiency and save up to 35% of the energy cost than its AC counterpart.


Air Quality Indication

Built with smart sensors continuously detecting air pollutants, the air quality indicator reflects the real-time air quality in your room; also, the air purifier will automatically adjust the fan speed when it's in Auto Mode to best clean air with least cost.


4 Speeds & 1-12 Hours Timer

Apart from its auto and sleep mode, this air purifier can run at 4 different speeds and the timer can be set from 1 to 12 hours, catering to your varied needs. The LED display will be turned off when it's on Sleep Mode.


Safe Operation

The air purifier will shut off itself when it's toppled over or when the cover is removed to avoid any potential danger; also, the child lock will prevent your children or pets from accidentally operating the machine.


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