JUSTSMART is resident that work for our city. We are driven to make real changes that are sustainable. JustSmart networks reach around the globe, however, it is in Shenzhen, China where we have chosen to manufacture our products.



This is a story about saving the Colorado River.
Justen, the founder of JustSmart, hails from Phoenix. Phoenix, a city almost wholly dependent on water from the Colorado River, has for a long time received biting criticism for its overuse and overreliance on water from the Colorado River. It is also in Phoenix where citizens rapidly learn what it means to run out of water. For each citizen in Phoenix, making life more sustainable in this city is a cause that cannot be sidelined: it is personal. The obligation to respond to the title of “the most unsustainable city in the world” sits at the feet of all citizens of the city.

Given this context, the fact that Justen chose hydroponic irrigation, a technology that is said to waste 70% to 90% less water than traditional irrigation methods, is a decision that carries incredible significance for the life of people in this city. This combined with fully automated fertilization technology means that citizens are able to grow highly nutrient-dense vegetables indoors year-round.




The very first JustSmart Hydroponic Grow light model was innovatively put together by Justen (the founder) using two 4-inch PVC water pipes.

In Justen’s relentless pursuit to find a way to shrink the model to the size of a countertop while keeping optimum functionality, he reached out to Jason from Denver. Jason rose to the challenge by delivering a solution to helping plants cope with low temperatures. He went on to add multiple light intensities to the GS1 as well as cleverly include an insulating film that film at the bottom for double protection to help plants pull through the winter safely.

Inspiration from two cities overcame the high temperatures and lack of water. The first GS1 model was born.