TOWALLMARK Sharpening Stone Whetstone Set Kitchen Knife Sharpener

  • Super Bundle with 2 double-sides grit whetstone;
  • Premium quality material provides superior performance;
  • Safe and Easy to Use, Quickly sharpen our knives;
  • Cut-resistant gloves can protect your hand from cuts;
  • Sharpener stone is highly durable & long-lasting.

Color: White
Sale price$39.99


TOWALLMARK Sharpening Stone Whetstone Set Kitchen Knife Sharpener

A complete knife sharpening kit for your family!
A good wet stone sharpening kit can meet your needs for over ten years.

We have completely equipped you with whetstone, flattening stone, angle guide, bamboo base and anti cutting gloves, and then protect your safety colleagues, so that you can polish your knives most efficiently and quickly.

TOWALLMARK Sharpening Stone Whetstone Set Kitchen Knife Sharpener
TOWALLMARK Sharpening Stone Whetstone Set Kitchen Knife Sharpener
TOWALLMARK Sharpening Stone Whetstone Set Kitchen Knife Sharpener
TOWALLMARK Sharpening Stone Whetstone Set Kitchen Knife Sharpener

TOWALLMARK Sharpening Stone Whetstone Set Kitchen Knife Sharpener
2 Side Grit 1000/6000 Water Stone
It can meet all the needs of daily use of tools and sharpen your tools quickly and efficiently.
If there are higher requirements for knife setting, you can consider our another whetstone kit 400/1000 3000/8000.
A Dedicated Bamboo Base
A bamboo base increases the friction with the ground, and the grindstone can be put into the base, which allows you to grind your knife safely and easily.
An angle guide helps you determine the angle if you are a beginner.
TOWALLMARK Sharpening Stone Whetstone Set Kitchen Knife Sharpener
TOWALLMARK Sharpening Stone Whetstone Set Kitchen Knife Sharpener
Anti-Cutting Gloves
A family only needs a set of whetstones, so we have equipped you with professional flattening stones, in order to enable you to use our sharpening stone for a long time.


Model Number 0TV8W5VJ
Color White
Net Weight 3.48 pounds
Package Dimensions 10.24 x 4.53 x 3.98 inches
Package Contents 1 x Double Sides Grit Sharpening Stone 1000/6000
1 x Flattening stone
1 x Angle Guide
2 x Anti-cut Gloves
1 x Bamboo base

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