TOWALLMARK Digital PH Tester 0.01 Resolution High Accuracy 0-14pH

  • Color LCD screen design, makes every reading clear;
  • Sensitive bulb built reaching a true level of 0.01 resolution;
  • ATC accurate calibration at any temperature of 0℃- 60℃;
  • Our meter has small size and low weight;
  • Safe and convenient can be charged at any time. 

Color: As the Picture
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Color LCD Screen Design
Compared with other monochrome backlit screen test pen, ours is updated and upgraded version with a colored screen LCD design, which makes every reading clear and easy to read and not easy to be confused. When pH value is lower than 2 or higher than 12, the reading on screen will turn red to remind you.

Sensitive Bulb Built
Our core of the pH meter is electrode and the core of the electrode is bulb. The digital pH tester bulb made by blue effect technology is blown at high temperature of 1000℃. This design can fully respond to H+ ions in the solution.The bulb glass film uses a low-impedance glass sensitive film and the reaction speed is also improved, reaching a true level of 0.01 resolution.

ATC Accurate Calibration
Thanks to built in automatic temperature compensation (ATC), which can accurately determine pH value of the sample at any temperature in a range of 0℃- 60℃ (32℉ - 140℉), you can get the accurate pH value without taking care about the influence of water temperature.

Practical for Testing
Our meter has small size and low weight, looks like a normal pen, easy to be carried and convenient for you to put in your pocket or bag when go out. Ideal for residential or commercial use, drinking, pools, aquariums, liquid food, laboratory, aquaculture and hydroponics, you can test any 0.01-14.00pH liquid which you want to test and get readings timely.

Rechargeable Function
USB charging port on our digital pH tester adopts Type-C charging interface, hidden waterproof design, equipped with a charging line - safe, reliable, simple and convenient, can be charged at any time, don't worry about the situation where the battery will run out when you use it in an emergency. Just unscrew the cover on top, then connect to charge, so convenient and fast.

Towallmark Digital pH Tester 0.01 Resolution High Accuracy 0-14pH

A pH value of 7 means a substance is neutral.

The lower value indicates acidity and a higher value is a sign of alkalinity.

To better understand the range in pH, take a look at these:

Apple juice 3, orange juice 3.5, coffee 5.5, milk 6.2, baking soda 8.5, soap water 10, bleach 12.

Our meters are pen-type design, easy to carry and operate, can measure pH and temperature, suitable for tap water source detection, aquaculture, environmental protection, printing, dyeing, electroplating and scientific research institutions.

They can widely be used for many application of water quality testing: pure water production and drinking, tap water, well water, sea water, fish tank water, swimming pool water, etc.

Towallmark Digital pH Tester 0.01 Resolution High Accuracy 0-14pH


Voltage: 3V

Accuracy: ± 2%

Resolution: 1PPM

Range: 0 ~ 9990PPM

Battery: 2 Universal Button batteries

Our TDS meter is equipped with low power backlight technology, which can easily test water at night or in a dark place.

It can also be used to distinguish between drinking water and non-drinking water.

Package List: 

  • 1 x Towallmark Digital pH Tester 

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